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Stille Nacht Manufaktur was founded by Karin Gruber, Sabine Lehner and Fritz Langreiter on December 24, 2008.

Karin Gruber created the starting impulse to found the company with her idea of developing a Silent Night praline. She is the owner of the "Café Gruber" in Oberndorf that bears the same name. This is also where the company headquarters and the first distribution site are located.

Sabine Lehner, chief executive and owner of the consulting agency MARKENwerkstatt located in the city of Salzburg, is primarily responsible for the strategic structuring and development of Stille Nacht Manufaktur. Together both ladies organize the marketing, sales, and the advertising activities for Stille Nacht Manufaktur.

Fritz Langreiter, a passionate chef, is the "composer" and developer of the Silent Night praline - the core product offered by Stille Nacht Manufaktur.